Yelvertoft Independent Chapel
Yelvertoft Independent Chapel

Corona Virus COVID-19 Support 

People from around the village are collaborating to support one another in the current crisis, helping with practical and social needs at a time when we face isolation to different degrees.


If you need some help, you can call


Alan Chantler:      07730 986253

Julie Cottle:          01788 822072


We have planned 3 regular trips per week for shopping and prescription pick up, and emergency journeys can be made where needed.  This approach allows us to support those who need to isolate, while minimising the number of journeys being made, supporting the goals of the current lockdown.


Please don't leave a message other than a request to return your call as we need to ensure that all requests are understood and properly recorded.


Practical needs where support can be provided include:-


Shopping (please continue to use online shopping where practical)

Prescription pick up

Dog Walking - isolated people may still be able to walk your dog, but stay at least 6 feet from others

A prepared meal if you are too unwell to cook

Locating items such as children's books to help entertain families - items should be 'quarantined' for 4 days before use to minimise the risk of virus transfer


Don't be embarassed if you just need to talk to somebody else - we all need social contact and can help each other at this time.


Please check


If you fit in a category that is advised to self isolate, you may be stuck at home and a little bored and frustrated.  You may be able to support others in the village by being part of the helpline team (hearing and recording the requests accurately on line), or by being willing to talk on the phone, or on line, with others who are isolated.


If you are not isolated and able to leave the village for necessary journeys, your support would be welcome as part of a team bringing necessary supplies and medicines from shops, or doctors' surgeries to others unable to leave the village at the moment.  You may also be able to support others either by telephone or on line.


If you would just like a video call with a friendly person, you can Skype


Keredy Andrews:       the_only_keredy


Keredy has provided the link below where others willing to be Skype company can register:-


Please call Jim Lyon on 07740 731738 or email if you would like to help with other aspects of the scheme.


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