Yelvertoft Independent Chapel
Yelvertoft Independent Chapel

Yelvertoft Community Library

This facility, coordinated by Lynn Wenham, is organised in conjunction with Northampronshire LibraryPlus. Contact details for Lynn are posted in the chapel next to the library bookcase.


This inititiative started when Northamptonshire County Council was no longer able to fund the mobile library service which had previously served Yelvertoft and other villages.


Recognising that the chapel is usually open from 10am - 4pm each day we saw an opportunity to provide a limited library service from the chapel.  A pilot was established where books are provided by the County library service targetted to the interest of users, and refeshed monthly.  Local people can register with Lynn Wenham and then withdraw and return books from the bookshelves in the chapel, signing them out in the register.


This facility has proved popular in the village and considered a success by the library service and is expected to continue into the future.

We are located at:

Yelvertoft Independent Chapel

High Street




07740 731738



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